Episode 5: The Golden Gun (Part 1)

Fedar drummed her slim fingers on her desk and stared into nowhere. It was regrettable that she would have to betray Keldan, but there was no way around that. Besides, his disappointment was a small price to pay for what she’d get in return. The shapes of people hurrying back and forth in front of […]

Episode 4: Plague Ship

San let out a long, contented sigh and shifted in bed, his eyes still closed. He could feel the sun shining on his skin, its lazy beams filtering through the reedy window-coverings. The warm, humid air filled his lungs and encouraged him to breathe deeply in a way he never could while confined in the […]

Episode 3: Wonders

Gallia found Keldan pacing in the grove outside King Vantoon’s palace. “I can’t believe it,” he fumed as she approached. Gallia nodded and crossed both sets of arms, listening to the fallout of another argument between Keldan and his Flightmaster. The sweet-smelling wind passed by, and ruffled her dress around her legs. All around them, […]

Episode 2: Dissonance

 A cascade of vibrating beats poured from the walls of the dance club, and Mennosha closed his eyes and tilted his chin to the ceiling, enjoying the deep dark rhythms and the scratchy, glitchy layers of sound. Midya was dancing near him—very near, and he could feel her body’s warmth against his and the scent of her hair hit his senses like a sweet melody that matched the music. They were in the heart of Finn City on Zharius, in the Old Kepp Quarter. They had been in…

Vignette 1: Stargirl

“Whenever you’re ready, Gallia.” Gallia looked at the faces of Captain Keldan Green and Fedar Cygnus, his security officer. She thought they looked neither old nor young—but then, it is always difficult to guess the age of an alien.  The Captain crossed his hands on the table in front of him and waited, gazing steadily […]

Episode 1: The Passenger

It was two hours to midnight, and the sun was setting in the North. A blanket of thick fog was eddying around the high points of the Drashivan jungle, now obscuring the hills and now revealing them. Keldan was reminded of a bath house on Crek Prime and the sight of the fat balding aliens […]