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Flight of The Fallingstar is an episodic series of short stories about a labor transport ship called The Fallingstar. The ship belongs to a man called Keldan Green, who is its Captain. Other characters include a mysterious woman named Fedar Cygnus, whose excellent marksmanship makes her an ideal ship’s security officer, Naleth and Mennosha Jacobsen, brothers who function as the ship’s medic and its head engineer, and Flightmaster San, a conscientious alien from the distant planet Kollimar.

The ship’s passengers are aliens of all walks of life trying to find employment on other worlds or, in some cases, simply trying to escape their own. The stories are about Keldan, his crew and the passengers aboard The Fallingstar.

Each short story is about 10,000 words and functions as an episode. Peppered in among the stories are “vignettes” or mini-stories that are meant to elaborate on some aspect of the overall story and its characters. The overall story runs in order by date, and the first episode is entitled The Passenger. From there, you can navigate easily from story to story.

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