Keldan Green stumbled in the muddy field and fell hard on his hands and knees. A fresh flood of adrenaline rushed through him and his breath quickened. He scrambled to his feet and set off running again, his shoes slipping against the wet black soil on the moor. The rain was coming down harder now, … Continue reading Prologue

Episode 2: Dissonance

 A cascade of vibrating beats poured from the walls of the dance club, and Mennosha closed his eyes and tilted his chin to the ceiling, enjoying the deep dark rhythms and the scratchy, glitchy layers of sound. Midya was dancing near him—very near, and he could feel her body’s warmth against his and the scent of her hair hit his senses like a sweet melody that matched the music. They were in the heart of Finn City on Zharius, in the Old Kepp Quarter. They had been in...